Do Home Inspectors Look for Mice in The House You Want to Buy?

home inspector look miceYou’ll never know what you’ll find during a home inspection. Some mice having a party moving from joist space to joist space. Meanwhile rubbing there bodies along the wall leaving a trail of urine and body fat! If I see this or find mouse dropping in your basement, you need to call a professional exterminator.

So, yes, we do look for mice in the house you want to buy!

In rural and suburb Wisconsin mice are common, but it is uncommon homeowners allow to let mice live in their home. When we find traces of mice living in your basement, we urge you  to solve this pest problem immediately and permanently. A pest control company can take care of the problem. They determine the places where mice are entering, and seal these areas. They will place traps, and check regularly, if the house is still protected from pest entering again.

Sometimes walls with insulation contaminated with urine should be removed to clean the dirty areas.

So, when you see a mouse trap in a house you want to buy, don’t freak out! If you don’t see any damage, it means the current homeowner has taken good care of their home by setting these traps to avoid pest to ruin their home!

Contact us today if you want to be sure the sellers are not having these pests not in your future home!